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CompTracker is an application that helps to enter, track and manage information associated with a students' progress in your skill or competency focused program. It enables students, instructors, and administrators to REPLACE the old PAPER ways of tracking students through the use of mobile devices and a SECURE website

CompTracker is an EASIER, GREENER way to know what's happening with your students while they're on practicums or simulated settings!

CompTracker's been around since 2003 and it continues to evolve right along with the latest advances in technology in order to better serve our valued customers.

Many of our users are students, teachers or preceptors in the Health Care Education field, but anyone who needs to track skills progress and completion would find CompTracker a valuable tool!

If you need to track skills and progress, CompTracker can work for you. More than 100 different programs or organizations use CompTracker and its use continues to expand because it's become integral to their way of doing things. Just drop us a line and we'd be happy to provide you with a list of references. OR - see just a tiny sample of feedback we've received below. We can show you CompTracker in action too! Contact us today to setup a demo with no obligation.

Kevin Branch MEd, BHSc. PHC; Coordinator, Paramedic Programs; Cambrian College
"The transition was transparent and has saved countless hours of cross-referencing and validating, allowing me to focus on students and student retention. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the product and I am positive, that because of the tracking system we have in place with the use of CompTracker, this certainly aided the college in obtaining full accreditation status."

Vera Bodnarchuk RDH, Coordinator, Dental Assisting Confederation College, Thunder Bay, ON
"...our NDAEB results improved from 79% before CompTracker to a 91% pass rate after CompTracker... We are now in our second year with CompTracker and I don't know how I would ever go back to those paper evaluations!"

Yes! CompTracker is 100% secure. We also have internal confidentiality and privacy policies to support Freedom of Information laws.

Yes! Whether you have 20 or 2,000 users we can support your tracking needs.

Prices vary depending on the programs and users you have. Our model is an inclusive ONE-TIME program setup fee that includes us doing all of the back end content input, all of your training sessions, plus much more! Ongoing maintenance fees will be based on your student volume using the system per semester. Contact us, tell us your story and we will give you the best offer regarding your needs.

Just contact us! We can have a quick call to determine if there's a good fit for you - OR - dive right in and book a demo with us. Then you're on your way to becoming a part of CompTracker family.

It depends on several factors including the amount and type of content you have to setup, so allow from 3-8 weeks. We can give you a recommended timeline for implementation based on your program calendar publications, budget timelines, clinical schedules, new intakes, and clinical partner requirements.

We need your current paper materials that you've been using until now. We do all the back end setup after receiving all materials from you, so all you have to do is review and get excited to get rid of your paper!

Yes! We provide training for everybody that will use CompTracker. Most of our training is done in an online, demo format, but we do face to face and pre-recorded video training too. Just, let us know if you have particular needs. And our support team is always here for you, to provide additional help or to answer questions.

Our amazing, dedicated support team is here for you! We have a 2-day response guarantee for initial requests, but many times you'll hear from them right away. See our Support page for more information and to contact them.

We're available via Toll Free Phone (North America and Australia), via email, chat, Skype and other options. We'll do whatever we can do to help you benefit the most from our system.

Yes! CompTracker provides very useful reports so you can be fully up-to-date with all of your students' progress. Some examples might be:
- Accreditation summaries
- Rotation statistics
- Details of Students' evaluations and trends
- Student Portfolios
- Comparative Site/Performance statistics
- Grading Rubrics and calculations
We also offer customized reports, so think BIG!

Data is stored on a secure server that's backed up nightly, and we keep all the data - forever!

Yes! We can provide CompTracker access to your review team and even teach them how to find the information they need. We can also prepare reports for you. Just let us know the views of the information that you need!

We will also help you with team review access, reports, videos, and anything else that might come up that will help you achieve your accreditation. Ultimately you and your team will be responsible for the accreditation process, but we are here as your partner the whole way!

Yes, both! CompTracker currently runs offline on the most recent Android and Apple mobile devices as well as on all computers, laptops and tablets in a browser (with a WiFi connection). See our Requirements for more details.