5 Reasons Why Digital Tracking Beats Paper Hands Down

5 Reasons Why Digital Tracking Beats Paper Hands Down

office-5You’ve been using paper for years. Student writing can be difficult to decipher. Preceptors can be hard to reach for editing or updates. Evaluations can be lost. 

The world of paper no longer meets student expectations. Students want more involvement, more transparency, and more up-to-date feedback on their progress. These are some of the many reasons why digital tracking trumps paper.

Here are 5 more to consider.

1. Efficiency

On Paper

Print. Hand-out. Student fills-out. Preceptor completes. Scan. E-mail. Enter data from an uncopiable form to Excel to get data into a workable format.

Repeat for each evaluation.

On CompTracker®

Create and sign off records electronically. Run necessary report(s). Everyone has up to date access to student records. It’s just that simple.

2. Easy to complete accreditation

On Paper

No matter how organized you might be, preparing for accreditation on paper will always be labour intensive. Collecting and collating the right paper evaluations from the right places for just a few students can be tedious and overwhelming.

On CompTracker®

Searchable and accessible from anywhere.  Support, training and video tutorials are available to you and your accreditation team.  Do your auditors need a specific view of student data?  No problem.  We can build custom reports for auditing and accreditation purposes.

3. Sharing the competency of students via a portfolio

On Paper

Sending a graduate into the world with a meaningfully compiled paper portfolio is no small task. It requires printing, shipping, and duplication as needed. Creating a copy to share with each potential employer adds another layer of administration.

On CompTracker®

Graduating students with a curated e-portfolio of their competence is much simpler. It is shareable and requires no shipping or printing costs. If edits are needed, they can be done easily in one place which updates all versions. Your student’s data is safe and ready to be accessed securely from their own mobile device – wherever in the world they may find themselves.

4. Real-time data/student support while on field placement

On Paper

Clinical placements can be expensive undertakings. When student practicum locations are remote, coordinators may travel long distances only to find out too late that students had needed help sooner. Assessments can be stolen, misplaced at a practicum location, lost in the mail or even eaten by a copier/scanner! With only one copy, students could be set back an entire year in their lives if they have to redo a clinical practicum.

On CompTracker®

Check on student progress from your office or from home – at your convenience. If your students are starting to fall behind you will know before it’s past the point of remediation.  So will they.  The immediacy and transparency of information means more student successes.

CompTracker® puts students in the driver’s seat of their own education in a way never possible with the slow turnaround of paper.

5. Reporting/Tabulation

On Paper

Take all your paper evaluations, enter each field into Excel for each student, double check your entries, then try somehow work the data to tabulate into something meaningful.

On CompTracker®

With the data already in CompTracker® we just need to know what tabulated view you need. Reports are accurate, consistent, and often quickly adjusted with a few mouse clicks.  Custom reports can be built just for you, ensuring consistent reports are available in a timely manner that is simply not possible when using paper evaluations. And they can even be saved and exported as needed.

Now with the hard work of reporting done for you, you can ask the bigger questions, like “What would I like to know about my students?” and “What other ways might I be able to support their success?”

As we often say, if we track it, we can report on it. Dream BIG!


With data entry on CompTracker® shared amongst numerous roles, your job as a coordinator becomes much simpler. Students submit their work to CompTracker® and preceptors complete their portion. You receive the data in the format you need and then you can monitor student progress to the level required, wherever -and whenever you want to look at it. And you don’t have to carry student assessments around to do it.

You get your time back and get to focus on what is important. Contact us for more information.

Did you know?  

Coordinators using CompTracker® say their job satisfaction has increased as much as 80%!

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